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My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects. There is only one Education, and it has only one goal: the freedom of the mind. Anything that needs an adjective, be it civics education, or socialist education, or Christian education, or whatever-you-like education, is not education, and it has some different goal. The very existence of modified "educations" is testimony to the fact that their proponents cannot bring about what they want in a mind that is free. An "education" that cannot do its work in a free mind, and so must "teach" by homily and precept in the service of these feelings and attitudes and beliefs rather than those, is pure and unmistakeable tyranny.~ RichardMitchell

Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants. Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge. This an art very difficult to impart. We must beware of what I will call "inert ideas" that is to say, ideas that are merely received into the mind without being utilized or tested or thrown into fresh combinations.  

The purpose of learning is to incorporate new information or skills into the learner's existing knowledge structure and to make that knowledge accessible. Learning begins with the need for some motivation, an intention to learn. The learner must then concentrate attention on the important aspects of what is to be learned and differentiate them from noise in the environment. While those important aspects are being identified, the learner accesses the prior knowledge that already exists in memory, because a key to learning is connecting what is known to what is being learned. New information must be processed, structured, and connected in such a way as to be accessible in the future; this process is known as encoding. 

The deeper the processing of the information in terms of its underlying organization, the better the learning and later retrieval of that information. This processing requires active involvement. The learner must verify an understanding of the structure by receiving feedback, from the internal and external environments, on the encoding choices made. Learning is a social process that occurs through interpersonal interaction within a cooperative context. Individuals, working together, construct shared understandings and knowledge."   

The teachers’ are the heroes who work day in and day out ,year after year and finally to retire with the satisfaction of having made a difference to the society at large. Their investment is manifested in their students in terms of imparting knowledge over a prolonged period.  

The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding overall. Pupil’s progress is enhanced through teachers’ very good subject knowledge, excellent behaviour management, clear modelling and explanations, high expectations and frequent reinforcement of basic skills. 

So parents should note that we as the teachers are the mentors of your progeny and as all the parents want the children to strive hard and do well. Keeping these prospects and thoughts in mind ,i wish all my students a joyous life .I hope you enjoy and savour them as we tried to cover up in the previous academic session. Education is the inculcation of the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent.